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Which came first

your information and your knowledge . . . or the application you're trying to use?

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Don’t waste your

valuable information!

do what you do . . . better!

At MaineQIP your information comes first, because you know your business and what needs to be done better than anyone else.

two people talkingYou should not have to force your information into an application that wasn’t designed for your information . . . especially if that means leaving some of your information (and some of your knowledge) behind.

Show us your information and talk to us about how you use it and we’ll show you how you can organize it in an information application that will allow you to use all of your knowledge and work the way you want to work.

Don’t waste your valuable information!

Maine QIP Custom Design and Information Analysis

Information Matters!

We’d like to hear from you

From the preface of “Healthy Workforce 2010 and Beyond,” a publication of the Partnership for Prevention

Online Program Management

InfoPro Manager can be used to manage day-to-day and result information for any kind of program.

One example would be managing information for an employee health improvement wellness program.

Health management and wellness programs are a hot business trend and with good reason: health insurance costs have become a make or break issue for a lot of companies, and wellness programs can provide the hard data that make it possible for a company or a group of companies to negotiate better rates for their employee benefits.

The Maine InfoPro Manager applications allow organizations to keep track of those results!

Important Announcement: Maine InfoPro Manager has been released as an open source platform for building secure, multi-user program management applications.

We’d like to hear from you about your program initiative!

From the preface of “Healthy Workforce 2010 and Beyond,” a publication of the Partnership for Prevention

Maine QIP wants to help you do what you do . . . better!

Your information is valuable. Your information is tangible and can be collected, organized, and put to work – in every enterprise and for every individual, information plus knowledge represents opportunities to work efficiently and opportunities to learn and to improve.

Take advantage of what you know. You can put your information and your knowledge to work for you. Leverage the information you own and your understanding of how it all fits together to build tools to help you work more efficiently, faster, and smarter.

Finding the right way to make your information and knowledge work for you is an opportunity that should not be lost!

Smarter, faster, better

You can capture your knowledge and organize it to work for you.


Dr. W. Edwards Deming, American Consultant, Statistician, and Quality Improvement Innovator

It’s a lot to keep a handle on . . . and most don’t!

Any organization or business, even a one-person business, is comprised of relationships — administration, staff, directors, clients, distributors, vendors, important intellectual work, valuable assets, and more. It’s a lot to keep a handle on, and most don’t. Imagine being able to find everything you need to know about every element of your business or organization with a couple of keystrokes.

It’s all about the Relationships! . . . Maine InfoPro2

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