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Elizabeth H. Gosselin, MLS, RHIT

Polly is an information and database expert with special training in health care information. Polly has also provided legislative information analysis and large legislative software system expertise to the Maine Legislature and provides medical billing code expertise, medical pay for performance analysis and reporting, and electronic medical record, clinical information, and wellness program information¬†analysis and reporting expertise for variety of on-going projects.read morePolly’s Resume


William C. Eberle (Bill)

Bill is a database design, SQL, and web application design and development expert with over 24 years of active software and design experience. Bill has worked as a game designer, senior programmer, online game and web database application designer and developer, a mental health care provider, and as an electronic medical record, clinical information, and wellness program information analyst and reporting expert.
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Bill’s Resume

Volunteer work and service is an important part of both of our lives. Please see our individual pages for more information about our professional experience and our volunteer work. Thank you.

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