It’s a lot to keep a handle on . . . relationships

Any organization or business, even a one-person business, is comprised of relationships — administration, staff, directors, clients, distributors, vendors, important intellectual work, valuable assets, and more. It’s a lot to keep a handle on, and most don’t.

Maine InfoPro2 Imagine being able to keep track of all of those relationships, as well as contact information and notes on phone calls and whether that meeting room is available at 10:30 on Monday – all in one application!

In Maine InfoPro2, YOU decide what the relationships are (as many as you need), and what you want to call them.  Maine InfoPro2 recognizes that your enterprise is unique.  And you don’t control just the relationships.  Addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, web sites, web pages, web links, related files, professional licenses or credentials, related assets, custom distribution lists and much more – you decide what types of information and connections you need and what their names are.

Maine InfoPro2 uses an easy to understand hierarchical approach to document the roles and connections for every element of your enterprise, from employees to clients, from parent companies to boards, committees, work groups, and collaborative organizations, and from creative or other important assets to persons, organizations and related assets. A double-click on any entry brings up pertinent information for that organization, person, or valuable asset – contact addresses and websites, professional credentials, related files, assets, events, etc. for organizations and people and current location, web links, related files, custom attributes, events, etc. for assets.

Maine InfoPro2 will also allow you to keep track of contacts with people and organizations, and schedule meeting locations. Different types of events and event status for different types of events can be easily customized to fit your needs; and each event can have one or more notes with different note types and note status options to fit your needs.

And addresses can be connected to as many federal, state and local political districts as you wish. Districts are a special type of organization. When you click and go to a district organization, you will see all of the addresses connected to that district.

The current version of Maine InfoPro2 is built on a desktop SQL Server® Express database with an Access® 2007 front end.

Why is Maine InfoPro2 an ideal information tool?

Information Matters!

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