William C. Eberle

Maine QIP – Bill is a database design, SQL, and web application design and development expert with over 24 years of active software and design experience. Bill has worked as a game designer, senior programmer, online game and web database application designer and developer, live online sports event reporting app developer, a mental health care provider, and as an information analyst and reporting expert for electronic medical records, clinical information, and wellness program information.

Bill’s Resume

Other Interests and Businesses

Ideas – Bill’s idea consulting business is Ideartisan.

Board Game Design – Fantasy Flight Games is currently publishing three of Bill’s board games, including the popular game Cosmic Encounter® co-designed by Bill as part of Eon Products, Inc. Fantasy Flight has also published five Cosmic Encounter® expansion sets. Three other board games co-designed by Bill and published by Fantasy Flight Games are REX Twilight Imperium Final Days of the Empire (based on the original Avalon Hill board game “Dune”), Gearworld The Borderlands (based on the Eon board game “Borderlands”) and HOAX a game of secret identities.

The Cosmic Encounter Connector website has information and links for all of these games. And now Cosmic Encounter® fans can also play Cosmic Encounter online in Tabletop Simulator on Steam.

Online Board Game Design and Development – As part of Future Pastimes LLC, Bill was the principal database developer and a key programmer for Cosmic Encounter® Online and other commercial and educational projects for the NBA, museums, and museum organizations. He is also currently working with Future Pastimes partners on three active board game projects for Eon Products and Future Pastimes publishers.

Poetry and Publishing – As a creative outlet, Bill has also designed and published 8 electronic books of his poetry, photography and art; three are available at Amazon’s Kindle store and the Barnes & Noble Nook store. All 10 PDF versions, which Bill prefers artistically, are available at his website on the published eBooks page.

Volunteer Work

Healthcare – In 2014, Bill started serving as a member of the Pen Bay Partners in Care Council, a group working to help improve patient experiences and outcomes at Pen Bay Hospital.

Prison Education – Bill also volunteers as an educator at a local Maine state prison facility helping people learn about databases and other modern technologies and has also helped occasionally as a tutor for GED writing. Bill started volunteering as a weekly technology educator at the prison facility in the mid 1990s with two simple goals: connections – create less isolation between people in our prison system and people not in our prison system, and education – help people learn useful skills and gain useful knowledge.

Technical Volunteer Work – Bill has also donated his services to maintain domains and create and maintain websites for a number of non-profit organizations, including Thomaston Food Pantry, Waterville Food Bank, Midcoast Dancing4Fun, Midcoast Peace and Justice, and We The People Maine. For several years he also donated domains and maintained the website for AIO Food Pantry. All of these websites are hosted for free by his hosting account.

Bill’s personal web site is

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