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Client: Association of Children’s Museums, Washington, DC

project with Peter Olotka and Future Pastimes

“Peter did a wonderful job turning what could have been a pedantic “it’s good for you” health message into a creative explosion of games and activities suitable for families to do together, online and off. Bill Eberle at Future Pastimes designed a sophisticated data framework to create an ever-changing, fresh web interface for families about living healthfully which is full of surprises and thoughtful messages.”

Kathleen Kelly-Nu, Program Officer, Special Initiatives,
Association of Children’s Museums

Product Design Applicatons

Client: Bay News 9 and Museum of Science and Industry, Tampa FL

project with Peter Olotka and Future Pastimes

WeatherQuest, a large scale multi-media exhibit room offering visiting school classes a multi-player educational game and learning experience about the science and realities of weather emergencies and news about weather emergencies. Students participated in the roles of weather scientists, reporters, and weather show producers in fast paced challenges simulating actual weather emergencies.

“I hired the right team.” – Dave Conley, Vice President Exhibits MOSI

Game activity resources and logic for both goodtogrow above and WeatherQuest were created using a product design database developed and modified during design and development by Bill (MaineQIP principal). Bill also created the SQL queries and output programs which generated the XML files which were used to control display and media for this multi-user educational experience.

See more at MOSI’s Disasterville, featuring Bay News 9 and WeatherQuest.

See more at Future Pastimes. At the Future Pastimes site, select “WeatherQuest” in the menu on the left and click on the middle and bottom images to see animations and videos of this educational exhibit, multi-class game experience in action.

Product Design Applicatons