Information for Health and Wellness Programs

Health management and wellness programs are a hot business trend and with good reason: health insurance costs have become a make or break issue for a lot of companies, and health management and wellness programs can provide the hard data that make it possible for a company or a group of companies to negotiate better rates for their employee benefits.

Maine QIP’s online information management application allows organizations to keep track of those results!

From its VPN (virtual private network) and its innovative ACCESS MATCH secure application log-in and integrated internal security controlling staff access to information based on staff roles to its custom reporting, the online application and its related class development and scheduling modules have proven to be easy to use from any place with an internet connection . . . and it will work for your business or service organization, whether you run a small office or have multiple branches.

Maine QIP’s secure online information applications make creating individual appointments or creating groups and scheduling them for everything from nutrition classes to gym visits efficient and reliable; it can even set up automatic waiting lists for classes and allow you to easily fill slots as they open up.

Exercise logs and other results are organized and treated as the personal information they are; what any staff person is permitted to see is strictly defined by his or her role within the team.

A health improvement or wellness program is an investment in your employees that pays off on so many levels, and Maine QIP’s program management applications can help health and wellness experts run and manage information for such programs.

Program Information Matters!

Maine InfoPro Manager in a Nutshell

Important Announcement: Maine InfoPro Manager has been released as an open source platform for building secure, multi-user program management applications.

We’d like to hear from you about your program initiative and information needs.