NBA Courtside Live

The team at Future Pastimes did a terrific job framing, designing, and delivering’s online application, ‘Courtside Live’. This is a Flash application that is viewed by tens of thousands of basketball fans the world over every night of the season.

— Mark Sutton Smith, CTO NBA

When the NBA hired Future Pastimes to create a Flash App for simultaneously tracking the stats for all live NBA games, Bill corralled, wrangled, hog tied and made sense out of the jumbled data (by NBA’s own admission) which was spewed out of their legacy data engine (Beowulf). At the conclusion of the project, the data typed in by the nimble fingered laptop guys at court side, was instantly available and sortable on our Courtside Live App. This was done under tight deadline and was ready to roll on opening day of the NBA Season.

— Peter Olotka, Future Pastimes, LLC

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