The Maine InfoPro2 story

Maine InfoPro2 is a product born of both necessity and passion. Polly got a call from a fellow legislative refugee who had become the executive administrator of a small professional organization. With the title she had inherited “an archaic Access® database that just didn’t do what she needed it to do.” Because this friend had had experience with relational databases, she knew she could expect more from a database . . . what she and the organization eventually got from Maine Quality Information Partners was a totally new application.

To create the first version of Maine InfoPro2, Maine InfoPro, Polly and Bill refused to go along with the conventions of previous designs for organizational databases.

“We wanted to do it right, not make allowances for what is convenient in building an application. We looked for what’s really smart, even if it was really different,” says Polly.

What is really different about Maine InfoPro is that it is completely customizable, documenting relationships within an organization or business and without, on a user’s own terms — literally.

“The terminology is completely up to the user, which I think is very powerful … it’s the heart of the system,” says Polly.

For his own use and an eventual version 2, Bill expanded Maine InfoPro to support events and multiple notes for events with the goal of making Maine InfoPro an ideal, easy-to-use contact management tool.

Then, at the beginning of 2011 after a long talk with Chris Cart, the talented artist who designed the MaineQIP website, Bill was inspired to create Maine InfoPro2 by adding support for managing assets – artwork, stories, books, designs, any kind creative or intellectual property – to the mix.  “When Chris saw what I’d done, he was amazed,” Bill said. And now, Bill and Polly are ready to make Maine InfoPro2 available to Chris and a few select customers.

The heart of Maine QIP’s design for Maine InfoPro and Maine InfoPro2 comes from Bill and Polly’s passion for intelligent use of data and data-driven design: “We both care too much about data to say, oh, let’s cut some corners here.” And Maine InfoPro’s multiple levels of connection are inspired in part by life in the Pine Tree State, where Six Degrees of Separation is several degrees too many.

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