Product Design Applications

We create custom applications to manage product design and product technical resource information – applications which organize and streamline the design process.

Our applications also support using the information created during the product’s design, development, and testing to generate product resource libraries, e.g. XML files which “drive” the product. Using a product design and resource information application as a part of your design process will help simplify and organize the product development cycle and the decision processing information defined for the product.

Our goal is “data-driven” design

  • information systems that support the iterative design process by organizing product information and creative design decisions, and making changes and improvements simple
  • information systems which maintain product design information throughout the product life cycle
  • information systems which generate dynamic information to automate a product’s knowledge about its resources, functionality, timing, and logic

Examples of products designed and developed Using Product Design Applications:

online education applications

online multi-player game site

small dynamic web applications

Information Matters!