Maine InfoPro Manager in a nutshell

An Open-source, Secure, Multi-User Web Application Platform to manage

♦ Appointments
♦ Group meeting scheduling
♦ Class development and scheduling
♦ Class registration and class waiting lists
♦ Meeting and class attendance tracking
♦ Participant starting fitness and health information
♦ Accurate records of fitness and health improvements
♦ Custom staff roles and program security settings


♦ Custom event types and event management
♦ Single or multiple notes for individual events
♦ Scan and photo uploads for individual events
♦ Detailed results recorded for participants at intervals defined by program administrators
♦ Custom result data defined by program administrators
♦ Results organized by result sets defined by program administrators
♦ Goals with goal targets and target dates and goal achievement tracking
♦ Log tracking, e.g. exercise logs, etc.
♦ Detailed aggregate and drill-down reports
♦ Ongoing detailed program participation and progress information
♦ Custom reports as needed via a secure web based report delivery system
♦ Data importing and data and application customization services as needed
♦ Also, training in report development using SQL and Microsoft Report Builder and Report Server available whenever requested

. . . an example: managing health program information

Maine InfoPro Manager summary poster

Important Announcement: Maine InfoPro Manager has been released as an open source platform for building secure, multi-user program management applications.

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