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A shortcut to the web database application you need

If you or your organization needs a secure, multi-user web application for program scheduling and client results management, Maine QIP can help you inexpensively create the web database application you need.

How? – Maine QIP released its product Maine InfoPro Manager as a free open source, secure, multi-user web database application development platform under Mozilla Public License v 2.0.

Because this open source platform is “data-driven” users can change the database information to customize the application so that terms for types of events, appointments, meetings, etc. and for the types and instances of measures which will be used to monitor progress can all be defined by simply changing the information in the database.

Maine QIP can help organizations customize the free open source Maine InfoPro Manager platform database information to build and deploy a secure, multi-user, web program management database application. When customization requires changes to the code base (the database design, or the SQL and .Net source code), the changes will be inexpensive because “most of the work is already done” and Maine QIP knows the platform intimately because they created it.

Collaborative information analysis

Business or organization information needs assessments

we can help you understand and improve how you use your information

Requirements definition

we can help you define what you need, clearly and concisely

Collaborative software product assessments and selection

we can help you find the right software for your organization

Information migration services

whether your valuable information is in another software product or in spreadsheets, we can help you get your information where you want it, into new software, online services, or your own custom database applications

Information analysis and information modeling

RFP development

if you need to create your own application to do exactly what you need it to do, we can listen carefully to learn your requirements and then work with you to design an application that does what you want it to do and works the way you want to work

we can create an RFP (Request For Proposal) document that defines exactly what you need for potential developers


Custom training and individualized learning plans and learning projects based on your goals; online interactive training sessions using on-line collaborative tools like Webex, GoToMeeting®, Shared Google Docs and Google Hangouts. We can help people in your organization learn

♦ Database design
♦ SQL for data management and reporting
♦ SQL programming – views, stored procedures, and functions
♦ Custom report development
♦ Microsoft Reporting Services and Report Builder

Design and project services

Database design

Secure internet/intranet application design

Project management.

Custom online application design for creating program management applications based on the Maine InfoPro Manager open source platform.

Custom business, professional, and non-profit relationship management applications

Custom database applications for managing new product design information (for product information management and re-use)

Database de-identification (for training or other purposes)

Reporting services

Report design and implementation

Data extracts

Reporting data automation

SQL Server Reporting Services site design

Information Matters!

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