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It’s a lot to keep a handle on . . . and most don’t!

Any organization or business is comprised of relationships — administration, staff, directors, clients, distributors, vendors and more. It’s a lot to keep a handle on, and most don’t. Imagine being able to find everything you need to know about every element of your business or organization with a couple of keystrokes.

Maine InfoPro is an extremely powerful data-driven tool, a way to manage all that makes your company or organization the unique enterprise it is . . . and a key part of Maine InfoPro’s power is the ability it gives you to define your database in your own terms. And on your own terms . . . you can define as many or as few relationships as you wish.

Maine InfoPro uses an easy to understand and utilize hierarchical approach to clarify the roles and connections of every member of your team, from employees to clients, from parent companies to boards, committees, work groups, and collaborative organizations. A double-click on any entry brings up pertinent information, from contact addresses to professional credentials and websites.

Maine InfoPro organizes your physical plant too, providing a way to keep tabs on resources of individual locations down to the room level. Planning an event is a breeze with InfoPro, from sorting out a list of participants and creating group emails to scheduling calendars and reserving conference rooms. It’s all in one place: your information, labeled the way you want it to be, in a database application that lets you store and sort and access it easily and intelligently.

And addresses can be connected to as many federal, state and local political districts as you wish. Districts are a special type of organization. When you click and go to a district organization, you will see all of the addresses connected to that district.

The primary product of any business or organization is its knowledge of what it does and how it does it. Maine InfoPro makes sure every bit of that knowledge gets utilized.

Information Matters!

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